• Customer

    add to cart button and sharable links

    Posted by: sinsomnio Mar 13, 2018 at 02:52 (3 months ago)
    Hello guys.
    -Is there a way to get a notification when the product is added to the cart?
    Right now the button after a second of loading, stays the same... the product is added to the cart, but on the product page the buyer don´t really know if he bought the product or not.
    Most woocommerce themes have a text like "added to cart" instead of the usual "add to cart"

    -Also the sharing links on the theme are wrong.
    I told you this a few months ago, but still the same.
    Please fix that.

    -The TEXT CSS on the mega menu on the header is wrong and the text is all white like the background of the menu.
    Please fix that on the next update.


  • Supporter

    Posted by: Kazim Vu, Mar 14, 2018 at 05:15 (3 months ago)

    -About issue 1,2: I have discussed with my developers again, they said that it will be update at the next version
    - About issue 3: It's the default of design and my developers do not have permission from the author template and clients must to custom by them self


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