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    Required to purchase a WPBakery license for updates?

    Posted by: CoachKevin Mar 9, 2018 at 10:36 (3 months ago)
    Hello, my WordFence security software is telling me that the plugin, "WPBakery" that must be used with your theme, is out of date and needs to be updated, however in order to update it, users apparently have to purchase a license with them.

    If I'm mistaken, please inform me and I will remove my question so that it doesn't confuse anyone else, but if this is the case, and people that have already paid you for your theme, also have to pay an additional licensing fee for one of the plugins you use, then that is greatly disappointing and feels rather misleading.

    Please inform me if I am mistaken, and if I am, then please inform me how to update the plugin without having to pay extra for it.


  • Supporter

    Posted by: yame, Mar 10, 2018 at 02:04 (3 months ago)

    Hello mate.

    In fact, we also have to buy the license for this plugin and it is the single license so it is just activated for only one site.
    If we get any updates from VC, we will update on theme so you just can download it without paying any fee.
    Now I can see it is being applied with version 5.4.7. Please deactivate your current version > delete > then re-install this plugin to get the latest version for your site

  • Customer

    Posted by: CoachKevin, Mar 10, 2018 at 08:04 (3 months ago)

    I'm confused. "IF" you get any updates from VC?

    Does this mean that you may not get updates from them, or that you don't communicate with them to send you updates when their plugin expires?

    And, you say to deactivate and delete my current version, then re-install the plugin, but unless I'm mistaken, I would still have to purchase their new plugin in order to do that.

    If I'm mistaken, then please send me a download link, and instruct me how I can re-install their new, 5.4.7 plugin.


  • Supporter

    Posted by: yame, Mar 14, 2018 at 03:42 (3 months ago)

    I mean that we will update this plugin when we get any alarm to update. The you just deactivate > delete > then re-install this plugin to get the latest version.


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