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    Masonry Grid

    Posted by: LaurenceBeldowski Feb 1, 2018 at 19:35 (4 months ago)
    I have some questions about Nyooz theme :

    - About the Masonry Grid, we would like to have the same visual like your page : "features category style 04". I mean with each article take the place they want as height. Actually, as you can see on the page "INNOVATIONS" every post are tidy right.
    Can you explain me how can I do that.

    - I would like to no show "coment" in each title of post and to delete the "Leave a coment" in each post. Is it possible ?

    - In my page "L'ASSOCIATION", the first image don't take all space on the left and I don't understand why.

    - We would like to have a woo commerce plugin but when I upload the woo commerce plugin of wordpress, our theme change totally and that doesn't work is it normal ? is there is something to do before to use it?

    Thanks so much for your quickly answers.

  • Supporter

    Posted by: yame, Feb 2, 2018 at 10:13 (4 months ago)

    Hello LaurenceBeldowski ,

    1. You can try to update more posts and and pay attention to the image sizes in order to make your site to be same with demo "features category style 04"

    2. - " I would like to no show "coment" in each title of post " Can you point me the correct position that you want to put this text
    - "delete the "Leave a coment" in each post": DONE, please check your site again.

    3. Let me check then I will inform you later


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